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New Stabilized Lease Renewal Increases

Attn: All TENNET Users

RE: New Stabilized Lease Renewal Increases

Please be advised that the Rent Guidelines board finally had their meeting last night, and the new stabilized lease renewal increase percentages effective 10/1/15 are as follows;

1 Year Renewal – 0%

2 Year Renewal – 2%

These new increase percentages have already been established for all TENNET users, so please proceed and send out all leases due for 10/1/15 & 11/1/15 at your convenience.

Thank you for your attention and have a good day.

TENNET Support Team

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The staff at TENNET is pleased to announce the introduction of an available new service to provide our users with the option of having the monthly rent bills mailed directly to your tenants! This service will begin April 2015 for those that are interested.

The cost for this feature is $1.00/Bill and includes postage on the outgoing rent bill and a return envelope for the tenant to use to remit their payment. This is especially helpful for our users with a greater number of tenants by removing the task of printing, folding, stuffing and mailing the rent bills each month for a very affordable price.

Anyone wishing to begin this service can contact Matt Haas via email at matth@cmsnat.com or by phone at (800) 592-8060, ext. 230.
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The Year Ahead

The TENNET staff would like to wish all of our valued users
a Happy & Healthy 2015!

We look forward to an exciting year as we continue to market and develop our property management software package. Some of the enhancement ideas are already on the list, while others result from common suggestions from our existing users. We feel that we are in partnership with you and what better source of new ideas than feedback from our own user database!

The first will be the ability to print a deposit slip based on the date the payments are posted to the tenant AR record, or as selected to be included by the user. Also on the short list is the ability to blast email notifications to all tenants in the building, provided the user has funded that email address in the field provided in the Tenant/Unit maintenance file. This can be used to notify all tenants of common building issues as they arise.

The first primary module enhancement will be a Profile system at the Tenant, Apartment & Building levels to keep valuable information for storage and retrieval. This will be completely open ended, where the user will establish the desired Profile Code description for the data to be stored. Included will be a User assigned date used during the entry for future reference. Some examples at the Tenant level might be the work telephone, children’s names, etc., at the Apartment level, last time painted, carpet replacement, etc., and Building level the boiler maintenance schedule, roof/façade inspection schedule, etc.

Another longer term enhancement will be to develop a Check Writing and Financial Statement reporting module. This will allow for the production of Vendor checks, and with associated GL Code descriptions (i.e. – Plumbing) will generate automatic posting to correct expense accounts for financial statement purposes. The Tenant payments will post in the same manner to correct income accounts based on the Category Code description used to apply the payment to the tenant AR account. Again, we invite your suggestions and hope you will continue to enjoy our easy to use and low cost approach through the future development of TENNET.

Thanks again for your patronage and we wish you continued success and good health throughout the new year and beyond!
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lease form update
ATTN: ALL TENNET USERS We are pleased to announce the completion of the DHCR required update to the Rent Stabilized Lease Renewal forms that landlords must now provide to their rent stabilized tenants. The change has added a Line #10 to our Renewal Lease Form which states whether or not the apartment is equipped with an operational sprinkler system (Does or Does Not), and if operative the Date it was last maintained and inspected. As is the case with the rest of the data automatically produced, these two new fields are fully editable allowing the user to select the answer to the first part and include the date on the second part of Line #10. The lease can then be printed and sent to your tenant as usual when their renewal is due, and also stored as a PDF file for future reference. Once again, this is the advantage we provide with TENNET…Necessary updates are completed as the need arises at no cost to our valued users.
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spony membership

The market development team at TENNETSoft, LLC is pleased to announce that we have become the newest Vendor Member of SPONY – Small Property Owners of New York.

Our hope is not only to access the over 1,000 members from a marketing perspective, but to also gain invaluable insight and feedback in future development decisions moving forward, as we already do with our existing loyal users. In addition to the basic content already present with TENNET, we will be developing a complete Profile system at the Tenant, Apartment & Building levels to store retrievable data critical to future repair and maintenance and cost/management decisions. Once completed, we will continue to look at new development features keeping our core philosophy in mind…Basic, Efficient and Easy for a small monthly fee.

Please continue to visit our website at www.tennetsoft.com with more new ideas and valued feedback as we continue to build our property management software solution.

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Tennet Updates
User Requested Maintenance Updates

Please be advised of the completion of the following updates to the TENNET software.

  • The order that the Tenant Rent Bills print will now remain in apartment number order, regardless of when each tenant moves into their apartment. In the past, the new tenants were printing at the end of the print order.
  • Also, the “Last Payment Date” on the Accounts Receivable Report is now indexing on the month, day and year, and no longer on year, month and day.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, and encourage any additional input from our valued database of TENNET users as you continue your use of our software.

Thank you!

Matt Haas
Director of Customer Support

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benefits of property management software
Benefits Of Property Management Software

Benefits Of Property Management Software

TENNET Property Management Software is a way out that can save you tons of money, while keeping all the paperwork and other matters related to your property well organized. So, whenever you have a question mark in your mind about something, you can simply open the app and check what you need in an instant. It is handy and mobile. This suits people on the go. This can be your ultimate partner in organizing and managing properties.

Property management software is portable and flexible. It runs on the Internet and it can be access from laptop, or any other web connected computer. That means you can get to important records from almost anywhere. And, if you need an original paper document, you can get it instantly without much searching or aggravation.

These and several other benefits are associated with the management of the property management software. Everything would be easy to manage after installing this software. There is no need to be tense about keeping up to date in sending reminders or worried about forgetting one of the tenants. There is no need to set up reminders, everything is set up using the software in automation and there is no chance for anything to go wrong.

Managers maintain a number of essential tasks as it relates to these properties. They need property management software in order to work efficiently. Old techniques of running rental properties are very time consuming. They also require a lot of paperwork. TENNET offers managers the opportunity to use software for many of their duties. Here are some of the benefits that our product provide for managers and their staff:

  • Available through any internet enabled device

  • Secured, password protected, 24/7 access

  • Double back up

  • Automatic upgrades and improvements

  • User friendly interface with no learning curve

  • 30 days, free trial period, no credit card required

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2014-15 rent guidelines
The 2014-15 new Rent Guidelines are in!

As a result of the annual meeting of the NYCRGB on June 23, 2014, the new rent guidelines for one & two year lease renewals are as follows;

One Year Renewal – 1.00% Increase
Two Year Renewal – 2.75% Increase

These new increase percentages take effect on 10/1/14 and expire on 9/30/15, and the database for these calculations has already been updated for all TENNET users.  You can now print all Lease Renewals for any Rent Stabilized apartments you may have in your management portfolio that expire beginning 9/30/14.

As always, you can go back to any previous year and produce a lease renewal for any rent stabilized apartment and the increase percentage will automatically calculate on the guidelines in effect at that time. 

Just another cutting edge advantage available to our valued portfolio of TENNET users!

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NYC rent guidelines
New Rent Guidelines

As you may already know, this year’s meeting to finalize the new Rent Guidelines for rent stabilized apartments has been scheduled for June 23, 2014.  These new One & Two year increase percentages for renewals will take effect on October 1, 2014 and be in place through September 30, 2015.  Deliberations to this point are focusing in on anywhere from a 0% – 3% fixed increase.

 Once the final decision is reached, TENNET will automatically update the fixed percentage calculations when you select to produce your Stabilized Lease Renewal notices from the Reports/Forms function tab.

TENNET has also been automatically checking the Boxes above the calculations in Columns C & F on the Renewal Lease Form, which notifies the tenants that the percentages may change after the lease has been received and signed.  This has been in place for all stabilized apartments beginning with those beginning on October 1st.  Once the new guidelines are finalized, you have the option to go back and generate new Stabilized Lease Renewal agreements with the new percentages and calculations completed.

Just another advantage enjoyed by our TENNET users as you navigate through the regulatory environment present in rent stabilized apartment management.

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TENNET Rent Bill Remittance enhancement

The development team at TENNET continues to welcome suggestions about how to make the work of our users easier and more efficient.  As a result of requests from you, our valued client base, we have completed an enhancement to the printed address on the remittance portion of the rent bill to effectively show through a standard size #9 window envelope.

We have designed the rent bill to fit with standard size #9 or #10 2-window envelope (Left side) outgoing to the tenant, and the remittance to fit a standard size #9 1-window envelope (Left side) to receive the rent check back from the tenant.  If you use the #10 to send the rent bills, you now have the option to include the #9 inside with the rent bill for the tenant to use to remit their payment back to you.

The Office Depot regular Item numbers for these envelopes are as follows;

#10 2-Window (Left side) – Item #634-016 (4 1/8 in. x 9 1/2 in.)

# 9 1-Window (Left side) – Item #475-725 (3 7/8 in. x 8 7/8 in.)

Once again we appreciate your suggestions, and please visit our website at www.tennetsoft.com or to the email below with more new ideas and we will do our best to address them in future enhancements.


Thank you and have a happy, healthy and successful year in 2014 and beyond.

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