behind the TENNET application combines over 30 years of experience in Property Management software development with the latest in web design, development and internet support technology. Since the mid-70’s we have been providing simple and effective software solutions for all types of property management applications on a variety of platforms.

The development of TENNET
is a direct result of repeated requests from property owners wanting a basic, affordable and efficient software alternative to the complexities and exorbitant expense of typical stand-alone software packages. Utilizing the latest in internet technologies – On Demand and Cloud Computing – we have come up with the perfect solution: a no-nonsense, low cost, simple to use, on demand application.

with small and medium sized property portfolios in mind, TENNET offers every essential tool necessary to provide the most advanced, yet easy to use comprehensive software solution to date. After years of development, we proudly introduce TENNET to our valued existing and future customers.

Frank Ficara

System Designer

Over 30 years experience in the property management software business gave us the knowledge needed to develop the industries best software solution. Our goal was to create an easy to use system with all the major functionally required to run the day by day operation for property managers.

Matt Haas

Director of Customer Support

TENNET was created to address repeated inquiries from small property owners and managers for basic, inexpensive and easy to use software. Utilization of a cloud based solution that can be accessed using any internet capable device regardless of operating system will keep TENNET an invaluable asset to any property management application today and into the future.

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