TENNETSoft - we help property owners to track all the key numbers without the high cost of overcomplicated software.

Do you own a property?

Are you spending too much time trying to stay on the top of your numbers?

Our simple online property management software tracks all the key figures and lets you access your property info 24/7 from any internet enabled device. 

No special skills, no learning curve, no unnecessary functionality. Only tools you need at the affordable price.

About The Software

Created by property managers for property managers, TENNET provides all basic functions to cover day to day operations required to maintain your building or entire real estate portfolio. In addition to having all current data at your finger tips, you can schedule all types of Future-Dated Transactions such as Move Ins, Vacates and Lease Renewals as they occur so you don’t forget about them; they will happen automatically when due. Run end-of-month procedures and generate rent bills selectively or for all tenants on your own schedule. 


Key Features & Benefits

• Simple setup - you will be up and running in no time.

• Need help with initial data entry? Give us a call and we'll do it for you free of charge.

• 24/7 password protected access from any internet connected computer or mobile device.

• Automatic backups - you'll never have to worry about your data.

• Set it and forget it. All recurring transactions post automatically each month.

• NEW: Create, edit and print stabilized lease forms in house.

Fully secured access with unlimited backups

Lifetime support and free updates 

Trusted by over 1300 property managers

Call Us at: (954) 680 3399 x1110 or click below to start your 30 day full access trial period. Takes less the a minute to sign up. There is no obligation & no commitment. You can quit at any point.

No credit card required. This is 30 day, no obligation, full access to our software package.





What Our Clients Say

Shane Melaugh

“This is the 4th software package I have tried. So far I like the cleanliness and simplicity - big plus”

“I am always busy so I was looking for something that I can set up and run ASAP. TennetSoft allowed me to do exactly that. Initial set up takes a bit of a work but after that it's a smooth ride. So far - that's exactly what I needed...

Albert - TENNETSoft user 
147 Units

Shane Melaugh

“No unnecessary bells and whistles - just the stuff I need”

“I have tried Buildium and Rentec before this one and I have to say that Tennet is the easiest one by far. It's probably not for advanced users but if you need just a straightforward, easy tracking for you numbers - this is it”

Samantha - TENNETSoft user
5 units

No credit card required. This is 30 day, no obligation, full access to our software package.