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Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a long-term contract?

No, there are no contracts nor commitments. You can change or cancel your plan at any time.

How does the 30-day free trial work?

You can pick out any of our plans for trial. After filling out your basic information you can take our application for a test drive. There is no obligation nor long-term commitment. We DO NOT ask for your credit card information. After the 30-day trial period you will receive an invitation to continue to use our services. If you do nothing your subscription will automatically expire. No questions asked.

What will happen if I reach the unit limit?

You will be automatically upgraded to the higher plan and billed for it in the following billing cycle.

Is my data safe?

Yes, totally. We are using Cloud technology. Your personal information is stored in highly secured data centers with 24/7 access via secure, encrypted, password-protected portal. We have triple-backed up our system which virtually eliminates danger of any data loss.

Do I need any special software or application to install?

No. Our system is web-based giving you access to your data through any internet connected device with any standard internet browser.

Can I import my data from a different application?

We can import a variety of formats. Contact our technical support area for assistance.

Are there any hardware requirements?

No – you can access your data from any web-enabled device: laptop, desktop, smart phone or tablet.

What will happen to my data if I choose to drop your services?

Before closing your account you can just export your data in the form of a spreadsheet or a .CSV file.

Are there any additional fees?

No – you only pay the standard monthly subscription fee that corresponds to the number of units you are managing. Your credit card will be billed on a monthly basis, starting your first billing cycle.

What if my PC has a problem or I upgrade my office network?

No problem! Because TENNET utilizes Cloud-Based technology, you can change your hardware at any time because your data does not reside on your system, it is safely accessed and stored in our virtual network.

Can I customize access responsibilities for my employees?

Yes, any employee with Administrator access can execute any process, including editing or deleting transactions or restoring files from backup. Anyone without this password designation cannot execute these functions.

What if one of my employees leaves?

You can change or delete passwords at any time.

What if I run the EOM procedure and realize I forgot to enter something or I made a mistake?

No problem! Every time you run the EOM procedure your files are automatically backed up and may be restored in a matter of minutes. OR, you can simply make the correction in the current month for any prior month, and the entry will automatically post chronologically back into the desired prior month. (Both of these require Administrator password access)

Can I give my tenants a return envelope along with their rent bill for the remittance of their rent check?

Yes, the printed outgoing addresses will fit in either a standard #9 or #10 2-window (Left side) envelope.  If you would like to provide a return envelope inside the envelope with the rent bill to the tenant, you would use the standard #10 2-window with the rent bill and standard #9 1-Window (Left side) in the mailing to the tenant.

Will the addresses both outgoing to the tenant & the remittance address for the rent payment show properly through the window so the tenant does not have to manually write the mailing address on the envelope?

Yes, if you fold the rent bill exactly in thirds (you can use the printed perforation on the bottom third for the remittance as a folding guide), both outgoing addresses at the top of the rent bill (#10 2-window) & the return address on the remittance (#9 1-window) will show perfectly in the window for mailing.

What are the particular recommended envelopes I should buy & where can I find them?

The rent bills are designed to fit standard sized #10 2-window (Left Side) Item #634-016 (4 1/8 in.x 9/1/2 in.) & a #9 1-window (Left side) Item #475-725 (3 7/8 in.x 8 7/8 in.).  This information is based on standard sized window envelopes available at Office Depot/Max.

Can’t solve your problem?

If you still missing answer to your question please contact us with any problems you may have. One of our representative will contact you within next 24 hours. Thank you!

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